Essential Travel Gear

Traveling is tiring and stressful so I'm always on the lookout for things that will make the journey comfortable and enjoyable. I look for items that are well made, comfortable to use or wear, and light in weight. I also search for things that help me keep cool in hot weather. 

I take my mirrorless camera with me when I travel so I try to find accessories that are light and help me take the perfect shot. 

Photography Gear Travel Storage Airplane Essentials
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Photography Gear

Neewer Mini Tripod with 360 Ball Head
Sony A74:
24mm full frame:
Cell phone mount large enough for your case:
Carbon fiber tripod: 
Light pollution filter: 
Headlamp for night photography:

Travel Storage

Compression organizing packing cubes:

Airplane Essentials

Inflatable travel pillow:
Airplane bag that hooks on the seat:
Bose noise cancelling headphones:
Samsung noise canceling earbuds:

Hot Weather Essentials

Stay cool with neck cooler. Tie your hair so you hair doesn't get caught in the fan:

Active Travel