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Growing New Tomato Hybrid, Veranda Red

I found a new hybrid variety of tomato plant at the local home improvement store called Veranda Red Hybrid . It was designed to grow well in containers as the maximum growth is advertised as 1 foot high and 1 foot wide. I decided to buy two small 6" plants. As I placed the tomato plants outside, I looked in dismay at my struggling three year old purple candlesticks ( Veronica spicata)  in my front yard. A radical idea struck me. What if I replaced the candlesticks with the new tomato plants? Not only did I choose to grow tomatoes in my front yard, but also I also decided to plant lemongrass along my driveway instead of my regular annual grasses.  Lemongrass planted in driveway Adding Bling to the Garden Since the tomato plants were going to be short and squat, adding some vertical interest was necessary for balance. I found a pair of 4 foot black coated iron tomato cages with a simple fleur de lis on the top. To add more visual interest and stability, I added copper wire designs a

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