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Tucson Gem Show Downtown Map Parking and Shuttles - Revised for 2019

Parking Downtown Tucson Before heading out to your first show, locate the closest parking/shuttle area beforehand. The largest parking lots are the Downtown Shuttle and Parking hub located at 201 S. Linda Ave., and the large parking lot at the Kino show located south of downtown Tucson.

Most of the shows located south of downtown have their own parking, like G&LW or JOGS. The shows on Oracle drive also have their own parking.

Parking and Shuttle Stops are located at the following locations:

201 S. Linda Ave.
Downtown Shuttle/Parking Hub

498 W. Congress Street
Public Parking Garage

260 S. Church Ave.
Tucson Convention Center

2701 E. Milbert St. (Kino Show, south of downtown)
Kino Gem Loop Shuttle/Parking Hub
Parking Areas on Google Maps

Here are some downtown gem shows that I recommend. Some of the shows require registration before entering. The links are to Google Maps addresses of the venues. Happy gem hunting!

Executive Inn Mineral & Fossil
Fortuna Inn Suites
333 W. Drachman Street

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