Chambar Restaurant, Vancouver, British Columbia

Chambar restaurant, exterior shot, Vancouver, BC
Chambar Restaurant

During our last week in Vancouver, my brother and his wife invited my husband and I out to dinner at a new Belgium-style restaurant near Gastown called Chambar. I was a bit skeptical since Gastown is infamously known for its unfortunate street people and drug trade. However, with the rise in Vancouver real estate prices, and limited downtown retail space, Gastown, and neighboring Chinatown are being redeveloped with trendy shops and restaurants. 

World Class Chef Nico Schuermans

The head chef and owner, Nico Schuermans, has trained and worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in Belgium, London, Australia, and New York.

Interior shot of Chambar restaurant, Vancouver, B.C.
Chambar Restaurant, interior

Located in Gastown, Vancouver, BC

The restaurant is housed in a renovated Edwardian era warehouse with high ceilings, exposed brick, and timbers. The most visually striking part of the restaurant are the large, original windows that let in natural light into the main dining area of the restaurant. 

Belgian Beer Served (of course!)

Chambar has an extensive Belgian beer menu which they divide into eight categories: Amber Ale, Witbier, Blonde Ale, Strong Golden Ale, Trappiste, Tripels, Strong Dark Ale, Lambics and Sour Ales, and Biere de Table. Most of the beer we ordered came with the beer's designed glassware. 

Orval Belgium Beer
Orval Beer, Trappiste category. "Orange & banana aroma. Long, dry, slightly hoppy to end". $10.50

Witterkerke beer
Witterkerke, Witbier category. "Oats give a unique silkiness, Earl Gray & orange peel bouquet. (draught)" $8

Karmeliet Tripel Beer
Karmeliet Tripel, Tripel category. Fruity and spicy.

Chambar Food

Chambar has an extensive menu serving sustainable seafood, locally raised meat, and local fruits and vegetables when in season. 

Chambar Salade

The Chambar house salad is far beyond the typical and the expected. Homemade croutons, poached yellow beetroot, succulent grapefruit segments sans skin, mixed wild greens, salmon berries, and a light cream dressing.

Chambar restaurant house salad
Chambar Salade

Moule Frites - Mussels with French Fries

We all ordered the Moule Frites, the popular Belgian dish of mussels and French fries. I ordered the mussels with white wine sauce and my husband ordered the tomato based Congolaise. The mussels were served in covered heavy stoneware bowls. As the steam rose from the bowls, we all dipped our heads towards the delicious aroma. Heavenly.

moule frites vin blanc
Vin Blanc
Mussels, white wine, butter, braised celery & leeks, coarse black pepper.

moule frites Congolaise
Mussels, tomato coconut cream, smoked chili & lime, cilantro

French Fries frites

Chambar Restaurant is located at 562 Beatty Street in Vancouver. Reservations are recommended and can be done

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