Daiso Japan at Aberdeen Center, Richmond, BC

Shopping and Eating Out in Richmond, BC

Dim Sum at Continental Seafood

Since moving the US Midwest, I dearly miss the weekly dim sum lunches I enjoyed with my family. In Minnesota, there was a local dim sum restaurant in Bloomington, but it closed down 2 years ago. Since then, we only eat dim sum during our visits to either Toronto or Vancouver.

The morning after we arrived in Vancouver, we had dim sum at Sun Sui Wah restaurant in Vancouver.  Our next dim sum adventure was at Continental Seafood Restaurant located on Cambie street in Richmond. It is situated in a strip mall with lots of parking. This restaurant is "family style" meaning that it's not fancy or expensive.

 Continental Seafood Restaurant, Vancouver, BC
Continental Seafood Restaurant

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sui mai

We ordered the usual Sui Mai
Steamed pork dumpling

lo mai gai

Lo Mai Gai
Sticky Rice in Banana Leaves

cheung fun

Cheung Fun
Rice noodle sheets filled with shrimp or beef

lo bak go fried radish cake

Lo Bak Go
Fried radish cake with Chinese Sausage

Fun Gor

Fun Gor
Dumplings wrapped in cornstarch skins with peanuts and vegetables

har gow

Har Gow
Shrimp dumpling - smaller in size than Sun Sui Wah, but just as tasty

ong choy

Stir-Fried Spinach with Garlic (Ong Choy)
We always order a green veggie dish "choy" with our dim sum

Shopping At Aberdeen Center, Richmond, BC

Aberdeen Center is a huge Asian mall in Richmond, BC. It has three floors of stores and restaurants and a large food fair. The mall sells a huge range of items, clothes, furniture, cosmetics, and cars. You can buy a $5 dress at one store, and buy a Lamborghini in another!

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Aberdeen Center Main Atrium
Aberdeen Center Main Atrium

At the center of the mall is an open atrium with an indoor pond and fountain.
Every 1/2 hour the fountain springs to action and puts on a water and light show.

neon green lamborghini

Neon Green Lamborghini displayed at Aberdeen Center

Daiso Japan, Aberdeen Center, Richmond BC

Daiso Japan at the Aberdeen Center, is the Japanese retailer's first North American store with over 26,000 feet of shopping! This amazing store sells unique items that range in price from $2 to $6. There are also 15 locations in the United States: 5 in Washington, and 10 in California. 

During my trip to Vancouver, I visited the store twice, spending at least 2 hours shopping. I regret that I had not gone a third time!

Entrance of Daiso Japan

Daiso discount shop, Aberdeen Center, Richmond BC

China Section, Daiso Japan

Daiso, china department

Extensive China Section

Daiso bowls and saucers

Bowls and saucers for $2 each

Daiso rice bowls

Amazing prices for rice bowls.

Daiso cups with lids

Daiso sells a variety of cups and mugs

Home Decor Section, Daiso Japan

Daiso planter beads

Decorative planter glass beads for $2. A great deal!

Daiso planter beads

Arts and Crafts Section, Daiso Japan

Daiso art supplies

Art supplies for $2!

Daiso art brushes

I bought the white pointy brushes on the left for $2

Daiso Japanese origami papers

Japanese origami paper for $2

Daiso gift boxes

Assorted boxes for $2

Toiletries Section, Daiso Japan

daiso hair scissors

Hair Scissors for $2

dais barf vomit bags

Air Sickness Bags

daiso disposable underwear

Disposable Underwear. What a cool idea.

daiso travel containers

Travel ointment/toiletry containers for $2.
I really like these since they are very squishy and have proper lids.

Cooking Section, Daiso Japan

daiso colorful teddybear toothpicks

Cute toothpicks for my kids

daiso wine stopper

Very pretty pink acrylic wine stopper

daiso candy molds

Daiso has a nice variety of food molds. I bought this one to make polymer clay rings.

daiso non-stick steaming cloth for dim sum

Daiso also carries hard to find kitchen stuff, like this non-stick steaming cloth for dumplings.

daiso fat soaking sheet

Fat soaking sheet. Love the description.  

When you are visiting Richmond, BC, please be sure to eat a traditional Chinese dim sum lunch and shop at Aberdeen Center. Thanks for reading!

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