Many Hats of Me: December 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Metal Clay and Tourmaline Ring

Designing a Tourmaline Ring Using Metal Clay

Last week, I used metal clay for the first time and made a ring made of metal clay and Argentium silver.  Although this first attempt was a failure since I couldn't set the stone it was designed for, I did learn the following:

  • how metal clay can be fired successfully with Argentium silver; 
  • how metal clay shrinks during firing; 
  • and how NOT to set a stone in metal clay.

You can read about it in my post Metal Clay and Argentium Silver Ring.

For my second project with metal clay, I decided to try ring design by Hattie Sanderson, called Hattie Texture Mat #55109. This texture mat has a graduated ring shank and beautiful textured pieces that are easily customized. I will be using this design to create a ring to set the tourmaline from my first metal clay experiment. This would be third attempt at setting this particular stone, having tried wirework and metal clay already!

Hattie Texture Mat #55109 for metal clay

Monday, December 2, 2013

Metal Clay and Argentium Silver Ring

In my last post, Fabricating Jewelry Settings With Wirework and Metal Clay, I explored wirework gemstone ring settings and introduced the idea of using metal clay to create a gemstone setting. I completed some of the pre-work for the ring: investment slugs made from plaster of Paris, and soldering   jump ring to the ring shank to create an armature to hold the metal clay in place.

Argentium silver ring shank with jump ring armature

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