My Favorite Gardening Supplies and Tools

Hey there fellow gardener! I am excited to share with you my personal list of favorite tools and supplies that I have found to be essential to the success of my garden. I have personally put each of these items to use and can assure you they are reliable and worth adding to your garden shed.

Achla Designs FT-20 Fleur-De-Lis

Drip Irrigation Kit
Drip Irrigation Kit

Orbit Bb-Hyve Smart Hose Timer

Mr. Stacky Large Vegtable Garden Planters

Single Stage Water Filter For Garden Hoses

5 foot lead free drinking hose

2-way hose valve to attach timer to spigotThis allows you to use your spigot while the timer is attached.

5 Gallon Garden Planter These are low priced but need to be used with a planter saucer to retain moisture.

16" Hydrofarm Garden Planter Saucer

Self Watering PlanterI use this style of planter as they are functional as well as pretty.

Water Soluble Fertilizer

Blumat Automatic Plant Watering Stakes