Growing New Tomato Hybrid, Veranda Red

I found a new hybrid variety of tomato plant at the local home improvement store called Veranda Red Hybrid. It was designed to grow well in containers as the maximum growth is advertised as 1 foot high and 1 foot wide. I decided to buy two small 6" plants.

As I placed the tomato plants outside, I looked in dismay at my struggling three year old purple candlesticks (Veronica spicata) in my front yard. A radical idea struck me. What if I replaced the candlesticks with the new tomato plants? Not only did I choose to grow tomatoes in my front yard, but also I also decided to plant lemongrass along my driveway instead of my regular annual grasses. 

Lemongrass planted in driveway
Lemongrass planted in driveway

Adding Bling to the Garden

Since the tomato plants were going to be short and squat, adding some vertical interest was necessary for balance. I found a pair of 4 foot black coated iron tomato cages with a simple fleur de lis on the top. To add more visual interest and stability, I added copper wire designs and crystal stones.

front yard berm
My front yard berm with tomato plants

Iron tomato cage with copper wire wrap flowers
Iron tomato cage with copper wire wrap flowers

Iron tomato cage and copper wire wrapped stones

Never Ending Tomatoes

The tomato plants grew vigorously during the month of June, with large sturdy stems and lots of leaves. The the plants began to flower near the end of the month. The first tomatoes were large but not very sweet but as the summer progressed, the fruits became sweeter.

1st harvest of the summer 2020

Every week during the month of July I picked a bowl of tomatoes. During the last week in July, one of my tomato plants began to die back until only a stalk was left. My remaining plant produced two bowls of fruit every week in August. 

We ate fresh tomato salsa every other day in August. 😁

My sickly tomato plant recovered at the end of August and resumed producing tomatoes although at a reduced rate. My healthy tomato plant continued to produce tomatoes until October!

My tomato plant in October

Unlike other varieties of determinate tomato plants, the Veranda Red Hybrid continued to bear fruit right up until early fall.


The Veranda Red Hybrid tomato plants were strong and hardy plants and produced many bowls of sweet tomatoes. I was so impressed with the tomato plants that I am keeping cuttings to grow new tomato plants during the winter. Please stay tuned to my next blog about growing tomato plants from cuttings. ❤️

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🛒Shopping List

Here are some of my favorite gardening supplies. 

Achla Designs FT-20 Fleur-De-Lis

Drip Irrigation Kit

Mr. Stacky Large Vegtable Garden Planters

Single Stage Water Filter For Garden Hoses

5 foot lead free drinking hose
This allows you to use your spigot while the timer is attached.

These are low priced but need to be used with a planter saucer to retain moisture. 

I use this style of planter as they are functional as well as pretty. 

Water Soluble Fertilizer  
Blumat Automatic Plant Watering Stakes

I use the regular size watering stakes but I plan to use these ones for my raspberry and blueberry bushes when they are larger. 

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