Auto Watering Garden Tour

This year, during the pandemic shut down, I have more time to dedicate to my vegetable garden. I began with starting plants from seeds that I obtained from the public library's seed library. This is the first time I have used the seed library and grown the majority of my summer garden plants from seed. 

Planting Vegetables In the Ground 

I cleaned up the flower bed by my front door by pulling out three bushes and replacing them with bulb flowers and two bush tomato plants. This is the first time I have grown tomato plants in the ground. 

I also dug up perennial grasses that were growing by the driveway and planted lemongrass that I purchased from Sargents Nursery. 

Container Garden

I simplified my container garden this year by using all of my Mr. Stacky vertical planters that contained most of the plants, and limiting the standalone containers to one tomato, one eggplant, blueberry bush (bought this year), raspberry bush (bought from last year), herb planter planted last year (survived the winter in my garage), rosemary bush planted last year, and a peony (bought this year and will be planted in ground soon). 

Auto Watering Using Drip Irrigation and Blumat Bottle Watering Stakes

I used two auto water systems this year, drip irrigation and Blumat bottle watering stakes. 

My Container Garden

Basil Above and Strawberries Below

Vertical Planter with Hot Peppers and Garlic Chive on the Top Layer

Vertical Planter with Eggplants on the 2nd Layer, Parsley and Cilantro,
3rd Layer, Jalapenos in the 5 Gallon Bucket

Rosemary Bush with Blumat Bottle Stake and Herb Container, All Survivors from Last Year!

Japanese Eggplant in a Self Watering Planter with Drip Irrigation.
You can see some Japanese beetle damage.

Lemongrass planted along driveway.

Easter Lillies and Blazing Stars with Drip Irrigation

I'm still learning how to design planters. The background flower is 
too thin and the flowers only bloom sporadically. 

Flower Planter with Blumat Bottle Watering Stake. It's hidden behind the flowers.

Bush Cherry Tomatoes 
Watered with a soaker hose on a timer. 

Iron tomato cage with copper wire-work lotus flower.

Bush Cherry Tomatoes

­čî╗More Reading­čÉ×

Please go to my post, Gardening With a Drip Auto Watering System, to learn about how I put together my drip irrigation system.

I use a natural pesticide, Neem oil, to control the Japanese beetles in my garden. Please read about my DIY Neem oil Spray. 

Shopping List

I purchased my drip irrigation components from Menards and Amazon. Below are links to the products from Amazon. 

Drip Irrigation Kit

­čŤĺShopping List

Here are some of my favorite gardening supplies. 

Achla Designs FT-20 Fleur-De-Lis

Drip Irrigation Kit

Mr. Stacky Large Vegtable Garden Planters

Single Stage Water Filter For Garden Hoses

5 foot lead free drinking hose
This allows you to use your spigot while the timer is attached.

These are low priced but need to be used with a planter saucer to retain moisture. 

I use this style of planter as they are functional as well as pretty. 

Water Soluble Fertilizer  
Blumat Automatic Plant Watering Stakes

I use the regular size watering stakes but I plan to use these ones for my raspberry and blueberry bushes when they are larger.