Cheap Beads and Rough Rocks at Kino Gem and Mineral Show 2015

Cheap Beads at Kino Gem and Mineral Show

The Kino Gem and Mineral Show is held every February during the Tucson Gem Show Season. Please read my first post about the show here.

Outside the Pavilion Tent were many vendors that sold inexpensive beads. Although the quality of the beads was medium to low, the price is hard to beat at $2/strand.

bead strands at $2/strand

Finished Jewelry at Wholesale Prices at Village Originals

The main vendor and organizer for the Kino show is Village Originals. Inside their tent toward the back is where they display their stone beads and finished jewelry. Here, the non-professional buyer is able to purchase beads and jewelry at wholesale prices. They have plenty of stock for all, so don't worry that they will run out! 

Earrings at $1/pair
Earrings at $1/pair!

Lapis lazuli pendants for 1.75!
Lapis lazuli pendants for 1.75!

Shiva stone pendants
Shiva stone pendants for $0.70!

crystal pendants for $1.50
crystal pendants for $1.50!

stone heart beads
Stone heart beads

fluorite beads
Fluorite beads for $1.50/strand!!

quartz crystal beads
Quartz crystal beads for $2/strand!

lamp work glass beads
Lampwork glass beads for $0.50!

Rough (Raw) Minerals at Kino

The Kino Show has many stalls and tents selling rough semi-precious stones. One of the larger vendors, MP Products, sells large rough agate from around the world. 

Laguna Lace Agate for $7.00/lb
Laguna Lace Agate for $7.00/lb

Tiger Eye for $4.00/lb
Tiger Eye for $4.00/lb

Fantasy Jasper $3.00/lb
Fantasy Jasper $3.00/lb

Close up of Parrall Dendritic Agate
Close up of Parrall Dendritic Agate

laguna lace agate
Laguna lace agate

Sliced Agate
Sliced Agate

MP Products also sold raw jade from British Columbia, Wyoming, and Russia.

Large slice of Wyoming jade
Large slice of Wyoming jade

Beautiful translucency of BC jade.
Beautiful translucency of BC jade. 

Chrysanthemum Stone
Chrysanthemum Stone  

MP Products also had a large sample of Chrysanthemum Stone, which is a dark shale stone with white, flower-like celestine inclusions. It is rare to see such a large specimen of this quality. 

Cheap Mineral Specimens

The Kino show also boasts vendors that specialize in providing the highest quality minerals and fossils from all regions of the world, such as Madagascar, Brazil, and Morocco. Other vendors focus on providing minerals that are at a very attractive price point. Having such a wide variety of minerals satisfies both the knowledgeable collector as well as the novice.  

Beryl with pink tourmaline

Turquoise - Color makes the Difference

A turquoise vendor took the time to explain to some of us the differences between high quality and lower quality turquoise.

Rough sleeping beauty turquoise
Rough Sleeping Beauty turquoise

This box contains high quality stabilized turquoise. The stabilizing process hardens the stone and stabilizes the color so that it does not change over time. 

Rough turquoise
We took a few out and wet it with water to show the true color of the stone. This vendor sold stabilized, undyed "Sleeping Beauty" turquoise from Globe, Arizona. The stone derives its name from the Arizona mountain that looks like a woman in repose. The blue color is attributed to the copper content in the stone.

High quality vs. low quality turquoise
High-quality vs. low-quality turquoise
The vendor took another sample from another bucket. You can see there is a dramatic color difference between the bluer stone to the left (more expensive) and the greener less vibrant stone on the right (cheaper).

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