Many Hats of Me: Tucson Gem Show 2017 Downtown Map Parking and Shuttles

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tucson Gem Show 2017 Downtown Map Parking and Shuttles

Parking Downtown Tucson

Two years ago I tried to visit the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show but I couldn't find any parking so I skipped the show. This year, I am planning to use the designated show parking lots and take the shuttle or walk. I've provided a Google Map of the main parking areas and some of the shows I'm planning to visit.

Parking and Shuttle Stops are located at the following locations:

816 W. Congress Street
This is the downtown West Shuttle/Parking Hub

498 W. Congress Street
Public Parking Lot

50 N. 5th Ave. (Hotel Congress)
Congress Street East End Parking Lot

Here are some downtown gem shows that I recommend. Some of the shows require registration before entering. To save time, you can pre-print your buyer registration by clicking on the links below.

GIGM Show 
Days Inn Convention at 222 S. Free Avenue

Rapa River
292 S. Freeway Ave.

Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show
Riverpark Inn, 777 W. Cushing St.

22nd Street Mineral, Fossil and Gem Show
Northeast corner of 22nd St. and I-10 Highway

601 Simpson Street

GJX (wholesale, need license)
198 S. Granada Ave.

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